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Elder Law Attorney in Dunedin, FL

Having a will in place is an important part of planning for the future. A will is a legal document that outlines your wishes related to your property, finances, and the care of any minor children after your death. Simply stated, a will enables you to care for your family and loved ones after you are gone. They also provide for you to designate what kinds of care you do or do not want in the event that you are in a vegetative state. Thus, as with Powers of Attorney and guardian ships, although the need is more likely to occur for seniors, it certainly can occur for people of any age. Guardianship proceedings are usually limited to situations where one is mentally incapacitated such that he or she cannot make appropriate decisions relating to his or her care or affairs. Although such situations more commonly occur with seniors who are suffering from dementia, they also occur with mentally disabled younger people. Having a power of attorney executed prior to the disability can avoid the need for the more complicated and costly guardianship proceedings. Additionally, guardianships, unlike powers of attorney, are always subject to limitations set by law and/or the court, as well as to monitoring by the court.